NEW!! – Registration Policy 2/2019

HHC is implementing two BIG changes this year (2019) when it comes to registration.

1. We will be sending out registration forms via USPS mail to residents of Richland County (Ohio) two weeks before we mail out registrations forms to other residents and post online. This gives all Richland County (Ohio) residents a chance to register for camp first. We will not process any registrations from outside of Richland County (Ohio) until all the forms are released via USPS. Our timeline (which is subject to change) is:

March 18 — mail out to Richland County (Ohio) residents
April 1 — mail out to everyone else
April 8 — post online for download and print

2. Due to growing demand and trends in the last few years for a spot at HHC, we are limiting camper registration to TWO WEEKS! This means that when you sign up your child for camp, you can sign them up for no more than two weeks of camp. However, like everything, this is not a guarantee that your child will get two weeks of camp. Camp is still first-come/first-serve, and we do not hold spots by age, school, former camper, etc.

Anyone that wishes to attend a third week, will be placed on a waitlist BUT campers that are on the waitlist that have not attended camp yet by that point in the summer will have preference over campers who have already attended.

We understand that these changes might be inconvenient to you, but we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience HHC. Our mailing list keeps growing and growing and there are so many kids that are unable to attend because they never get off the waitlist, or hear about camp too late. We hope that this will open up some more spots and allow new campers to call HHC their home.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, you can always email Camp Director, Miss Brianna

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