Camper Registration 2022

All registration for 2022 must be done ONLINE.  WE RECOMMEND A COMPUTER OR LAPTOP. It will be very difficult to use a phone or tablet for this.
To access your account, after submitting your camper application, or to make changes, go HERE and then to MY ACCOUNT
Here are a few tips.  If your child attended camp in 2021, you will use the same account username and password for this year.  
1. You will create a password for your CampInTouch account when you go in to register (it will likely ask you to enter your email twice).
2. After you enter your first camper, it will ask you to “Begin New Application” or go to “My Account Menu”. If you go to “Begin New Application” you can enter more campers from your family. If you go to “My Account Menu” you will be taken to all the REQUIRED documents you have to sign before we will ENROLL them.
3. If you have a gift certificate, you will enter the promotional code on the certificate towards the end of the camper application. Gift certificates are not a guarantee of a week at camp and any refunds will be through the organization you bought them from, not Friendly House.
4. You must pay at least the non-refundable $75 registration fee to hold your spot for camp. However, your card will NOT be charged until we ENROLL your camper. All campers will be put into APPLIED status until HHC staff reviews that your required paperwork is in. If all that information is in, you will be placed in ENROLLED status and your cards charged.
5. Have your campers immunization records, medications, and insurance cards. You will have to enter this information on the Health History.
6. To fill out the REQUIRED paperwork you must go to the “FORMS AND DOCUMENTS” area under “My Account”. If these are NOT filled out completely, your camper will continue to be in APPLIED status until they are.
7. There is NOT automatic enrollment. Your camper will not be ENROLLED (CONFIRMED) for camp until all the required paperwork is in.
8.  Plan to spend AT LEAST 30 minutes for the application process. This could be more if you have multiple campers. The initial registration per camper is pretty quick. It’s all the paperwork afterward that takes time (releases, health history, etc.).
9. Every camper must be entered separately.
10.  For CampinTouch/CAMPMINDER support, please contact them directly at 303-444-2267 (option 3).  They are AMAZING to work with and can answer any technical questions you may have.  
The CampInTouch/CAMPMINDER is a great platform and we have worked very hard to make this as easy and streamlined as possible. However, anything can happen so please be patient as we work through bumps and hiccups together.

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