Staff & Alumni

STAFF (paid, all summer)

Typical paid positions that we will be hiring for include:  Kitchen Staff** (age 15+), Jr. Counselor (age 16-18 and have not graduated high school), Sr. Counselor (age 18+ and have graduated high school).

All positions posted above are “full-time” and paid positions, and all hired staff are required to be at camp for the seven weeks — one week of counselor training and six weeks of regular camp.

If you are interested in a staff position for the 2021 season, please email Miss Brianna.

**Kitchen Staff and KP’s are different jobs.  Please see below for more information regarding KP’s.

KP (voluntary, one week)

KP’s are one-week voluntary positions at HHC.  KP’s help in the kitchen with dishes, cleaning, and serving food, and also help counselors with activities and other responsibilities around camp.

Applications for KP’s will begin mid-March.  KP’s must be 15 years old and can attend camp as both a camper and a KP different weeks.  There is no charge to be a KP.

If you are interested in being a KP for the 2021 season, please email Miss Brianna.



We will be having a “Weekend of Giving” and a Counselor Reunion at HHC June 16-19, 2021.  This is a paid event that will be focusing on giving back to HHC.  Click here for more information on the TPK.

The goals of the Weekend Of Giving are simple:  raise funds for Friendly House and HHC,  give all those attending the ability to leave part of themselves behind by volunteering their time and their sweat completing planned improvement projects, and to give those that feel the same way that we do about HHC the opportunity to relive a part of our youth – to have a true HHC experience with all the nostalgia that comes with sleeping in the cabins, eating Chicken Deluxe in the dining hall, and sitting around the campfire listening to Horse Thief Jack!

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