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The below FAQ’s are not current to the 2021 season.  Please click above to access the updated 2021 FAQ’s


*Updated 01/14/2021 — At this time, Friendly House is still working out some details on the 2021 camping season.  This includes cost, staffing needs, camper capacity, changes to programming, etc. in order to run HHC safely and efficiently.  We are shooting for March 1, if not earlier, for an announcement but know that things can change at a moment notice.

All FAQ’s below are based on camp running as a “normal” year and pertain to pre-pandemic programming.  We will update these as we make decisions going forward with 2021.

What about HHC and COVID-19?  

Friendly House is closely monitoring the progression of the COVID-19 outbreak across the country.  This is an extremely fluid situation and updates are coming in by the day.  As always, the safety of our campers and staff is our number one priority and we will continue to evaluate how these circumstances may impact Hidden Hollow Camp and Happy Hollow Day Camp. 

On Monday, May 18, 2020 The Friendly House Board and Executive Director, Terry Conard, regretfully and unanimously decided that we would cancel all programming at HIDDEN HOLLOW CAMP for the 2020 season due to the uncertainty surrounding the US and the COVID-19 virus.

How much does it cost to send my child to Hidden Hollow Camp?  For 2020, the camp fee is $325 per week/per child.  Jr. Camp fees are $150.

How old does my child have to be to attend HHC?  Hidden Hollow is open to any boy or girl between the ages of 8-15.  The last week of camp, however, is only open to children ages 10-15.  Jr. Camp is for children ages 6-8 that have not attended HHC before.  All six-year olds must have completed kindergarten.

How many weeks can my camper register for?  Starting in 2019, HHC has limited the number of weeks campers can register for.  Due to growing demand and trends in the last few years for a spot at HHC, we are limiting camper registration to TWO WEEKS! This means that when you sign up your child for camp, you can sign them up for no more than two weeks of camp. However, like everything, this is not a guarantee that your child will get two weeks of camp. Camp is still first-come/first-serve, and we do not hold spots by age, school, former camper, etc.

How do I pay for HHC?  Starting in 2020, we will start accepting credit and debit card, and e-check payments through our CampMinder online registration system.  We will not be able to accept these payment types over the phone.

For information about the CampMinder platform please click here.

Can I send in a partial payment for my child or children?  Yes, but you have to make the minimum payment of $75 per child. This is the registration fee. Please note that by using the partial payment plan, you will actually pay $15 dollars more to cover processing fees.  This applies to any sort of payment… online, check by mail, money order, etc.

Where do I send my registration form?  All forms must be completed online.  The $75 registration fee must be paid online as well.  Remaining fee paid by check or money orders can be sent to:  THE FRIENDLY HOUSE, c/o Hidden Hollow Camp, 380 N. Mulberry St., Mansfield, OH  44902

Where is my confirmation that my child’s registration form has been accepted?  When applying online through CampMinder, all campers will be placed in “APPLIED” status until HHC staff has the opportunity to make sure all the required information has been filled out.  After this information has been confirmed, your child will be “ENROLLED” and you will receive a confirmation email and your account charged.

Can you hold a spot for my child?  No.  Friendly House/HHC will not hold spots for campers.

My child wants to be in the same cabin as their friends.  Can you make sure this happens?  HHC allows for the request of ONE cabinmate, and both children must ask for each other on the form.  We do our best but do note that mistakes can be made.  Large groups of requested campers will be split up.   Older campers will be placed in the younger campers if they request to be with a younger camper.

Cabin assignments are not made until a few days before your child is set to attend camp.

Think of it this way… if your child came to camp alone and was the only camper in a cabin full of friends or kids who knew eachother, would you think that arrangement was fair to your single child?

What happens if the week my child wants to attend is full?  Camp is on a first-come/first serve basis, and some weeks do fill up more than others.  There is never a week that is more popular than another, they all fill up at their own pace.  If your child wants to attend a week that is full, fill out the registration form online and it will place you on a waitlist.  When a spot opens up, HHC staff will contact you to confirm your interest in the open spot.  We also do not hold camper spots by age group.  Registration is fully first-come/first serve.  We encourage all families, even if the week they want is full, to send us an email.   We don’t want your child to miss out on the fun either!

What is the cancellation policy for HHC?  In most cases, all but the $75 registration fee will be returned to you.  However, cancellations must be made two weeks before the Sunday your child is scheduled to come to camp to receive this refund.  For example, If your child is scheduled to come to camp the week of July 19-25, 2020, we must have notice they are cancelling on or before July 5, 2020.  Any cancellations after that will result in no refund.  Your account will not be automatically refunded.  ALL REFUNDS WILL BE ON PAPER CHECKS FROM THE FRIENDLY HOUSE AND MAILED TO THE PRIMARY ADDRESS ON THE ACCOUNT.

If Friendly House needs to cancel camp, all but $25.00 per camper of your paid camp fees will be refunded to you to cover administrative costs.

How does my child get placed on a waitlist?  Campers who are registered for camp through the CampMinder system, will be placed on a waitlist if the session they want to attend is full.  Your account WILL NOT be charged.  If a spot open up, HHC staff will contact you via email to see if your family is still interested in the opening.  After confirmation from you, your child will be enrolled and your account will be charged.

You can keep that child on a waitlist for the week, or you can move the child to another week of camp if it is has the availability.    If your cabinmate got into camp and you didn’t we can switch everyone to another week with availability, as long as a parent or guardian of all parties call and confirm that they want to switch weeks. We cannot hold spots for children listed as cabinmates if we do not have the registration form and payment.  There is no way to tell when (or if) your child will get into camp if they are on a waitlist.  It’s a waiting game.  You could hear in a couple of days from first contact or as late as the the day before camp starts.

Starting in 2019, we limit camper registration to TWO WEEKS! This means that when you sign up your child for camp, you can sign them up for no more than two weeks of camp. However, like everything, this is not a guarantee that your child will get two weeks of camp. Camp is still first-come/first-serve, and we do not hold spots by age, school, former camper, etc.

What should my child bring to camp?  Think of packing for camp like packing for a week-long sleepover!  Campers should bring a change of clothes for every day (including socks and underwear), blankets and pillows, towels, washcloths and toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, etc.).  Flip-flops are recommended for the showers and swimming pool area, but otherwise closed-toe shoes and/or shoes that tie are best for camp… and required for horseback riding.  Campers should also plan for the weather.  It does get cold at night, so long-sleeved tees and sweatshirts or light jackets are recommended.  On Friday night, there is the Hidden Hollow Hop so campers should plan to get a little more dressed up for the dance.

Is there anything that my child should NOT bring to camp?  Not everything belongs at camp.  Campers should leave the following items at home:  cell phones, mp3 or other music players, computers, gaming systems, TV’s, weapons, expensive jewelry, and fans.  These items will be collected on Sunday and stored in the office until the end of the week and given back when the parents arrive for pick-up on Saturday.   Friendly House/Hidden Hollow Camp can not be responsible for items that were not turned in and become lost, broken or stolen. Pets, firearms, alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted at Hidden Hollow Camp.

Where are the Camp Directors on Sundays and Saturdays?  On Sunday, both Mr. Terry (Executive Director of Friendly House) and Miss Brianna (Camp Director) are near the Woodshop for registration.  Miss Brianna is typically in the Woodshop passing out cabin assignments and Mr. Terry is on the road directing people where to go.

On Saturday, Mr. Terry can be found around the lodge and the camps assisting with weekly clean-up and Miss Brianna is in the Trading Post.

What are Special Days?  When your child received confirmation that they are registered for Hidden Hollow, you will be given your Special Day for the week.  Special Days happen on one day during the camp week and the entire theme is carried out during the days activities.

For example, if your Special Day is Olympic Day many Olympic activities will happen during the day.  Cabin groups will be assigned a different country to represent, there will be opening and closing ceremonies during the day, activities will run as Olympic trials, etc..  Campers are encouraged (but not required) to get into the day by dressing up.

Why is the last week of camp only open for ages 10-15?  The last week of camp is open to those ages only because we do a lot of activities that are tailored to older kids.  The last week of HHC is very special to the campers and staff and we have a lot of activities to show for it.  Our biggest activity of the week is the all-camp tournament.  Every child in every cabin participates in the all-camp tournament.  Tournaments include swim relays to dodgeball tournaments, and ping-pong to four-square.

What if my question isn’t on this list?  That’s an easy one to answer! If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here feel free to call the Friendly House at 419-522-0521 or email us at We will try and answer your question as best as we can!

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